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SchoolColorsKnit your way through football season by making a scarf that records your favorite team’s scores for each game.  Skacel Knitting is sponsoring the Scoreboard KAL.  Your scarf will be done in Simplicity yarn, a machine washable blend of wool and acrylic.  Each participant will receive a free backpack for participating.  Sheep’s Clothing will be providing lots of support along the way to our team—the Killer Sheep.  There will be a celebration grand finale at the end of the season.

Please sign up ASAP so that we can get in the colors for your chosen team.

So far we are supporting Chicago, Indy, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, and Dallas on the pro side.  Notre Dame, IU, and Purdue are our college teams to date.  We are happy to add your favorite team to the list.


Lace Camp Sampler Scarf

Lace Camp Gold

Hone your lace knitting skills by practicing on simple lace stitches. We’ll work a few inches of one lace pattern. Then we’ll work a few rows with a wool yarn. Repeat, repeat, repeat using different simple lace stitches. Finally we’ll send your piece through a washing machine cycle. This severe form of blocking will even out the lace and felt the wool. Your finished piece will be wearable art.

Lace Camp is designed with flexibility for your busy summer schedule. Come for as many or as few of the designated camp hours as you like. Camp for a couple of hours at the end of your workday. If you have daytime availability, attend in the afternoon. If you want to, you can camp for the entire 6 hours times 4 days for a total of 24 hours of lace knitting. It’s totally up to you.

Tuesday and Thursday
Your choice of time between 1 and 7 pm
July 21, 23, 28, 30
$25 plus supplies
Call us at 219-462-1700 to register.

Lace Camp Blue detail

Lace Camp Blue
Lace Camp Pink detail Lace Camp Pink